John 14:6

"Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me." John 14:6

24 November 2008

Testing OpenOffice

I installed OpenOffice 3.0 today. Now I'm testing out the extension that allows you to upload to your account. This extension is really cool as it saves time having to launch a web browser and then loggin into the site to post content. Nice!

08 November 2008

WSS 3.0

I started installing and learning WSS (Windows SharePoint Services) 3.0 this past week. I brought a PC home from work and installed Win2003 on it and then started installing all of the required software needed to run WSS. Interesting, it's one of Microsoft better products and it's free. I haven't touched Apache Tomcat in quite some time but I believe it could compare to WSS in some respects.

WSS has a lot of templates that are free downloads. Many very good templates that you would use in the Enterprise. Check out this here

I would say that I've spent at least a day and a half building the server up. This includes setting up AD, SEP11, etc..... on it. I did a little more than just setup WSS.

I was trying to add custom templates but some of them didn't take yet. I need to figure out why. I suspect I wasn't holding me my mouth quite right. Who knows it could have been the fact that I've had a sinus infection the whole time I was installing stuff.

25 September 2008

blog setup

I'm not sure why but I finally decided to setup a blog. Even though I work with computers for a living I've been slow to really start looking at some of the new stuff out there.

I finally received an iPod 80Gb Classic this last Christmas. Nice! I like it very much and in some ways I'm glad I held out so long. It's worth the investment as I have more free podcasts on it than I do music.