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08 July 2009

OpenOffice 3.1 upgrade

I had OpenOffice 3.0 Beta on my Windows XP PC and I upgraded to OpenOffice 3.1 tonight. The install went smoothly, except the installer did not delete the old folder from the programs from the start menu. I also had to download all the extensions again into the new version. I'll have to list them at a later time as it's a little late in the evening.

I used one of the extensions to up load to my blog. Interesting when I uploaded the first paragraph OpenOffice Writer froze and I couldn't exit. I had to open the Task Manager and kill the soffice.bin process.

Currently installed Extensions:

English spelling and hypenation dictionaries and thesarus 2008.07.01

French “Classic and Reform 1990” spelling, thesaurus and hyphenation 3.2.0

gdoc_1.7.0.oxt (Google docs)



Professional Template Pack II – English 1.0

Spanish spelling dictionary 2008.07.01

Sun PDF Import Extension 1.0

Sun Weblog Publisher 1.1.0

Text Effects 0.7

I haven't test all of the extensions out yet. I'm interested to see if the Sun PDF import works. Let you know later.

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