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10 September 2009

iTunes 9

APPLE just pushed this new version out tonight. It seems to be a vast improvement over version 8. Doesn't seem to use up the CPU as badly on this old XP box I'm using. I will admit that I turned off the simultaneous downloads in the old version too. I can play the radio and download one podcast at a time without the GUI hanging up on me.

It looks like they've added a Home Sharing feature that might be a greatly needed feature. Since it's late I won't force myself to play with it to figure it out. Nor do I want to write about it either at this late hour. I need to go into work somewhat coherent.

To use the home sharing go to the menu-bar, Help. After the iTunes Help window pops up select the Index tab then type sharing. I actually somewhat impressed with the Help in iTunes as it is clear and concise. You have to have an iTunes Store account to use some of the sharing features with multiple PCs' on your home network. For instance if I just want to listen to he music on another PC it's not a problem as you just search for shared music on your network. If you wanted to import music though you would have to log-in into your iTunes store account on every PC. Note that you can also password protect the share.

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