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02 November 2011


Well, I've had my mobile computing device (MCD aka SmartPhone) that thinks it's a phone since the middle of July. I bought the Motorola (Moto) Droid X2 (version 2) while I could still get unlimited download bandwidth from Verizon. I also get a 20% discount throughs the perks afforded to me by my company. That means in stead of spending $29.99/month internet access on my phone I only pay $23.99 for the unlimited usage. 
I really wanted to wait until the 3rd or 4th generation phones were out before I bought a MCD.

In Oct there was a Android update.  It seems to have fix a thing or two.  Lately though I'm beggining to wonder.  I've been having issue connecting to my Bluetooth speakerphones I use in the car and to wireless networks.  They don't automatically connect like they used to and I have to go into settings to manually connect.   OK, Verizon you can fix it any day now.

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  1. Never thought that the updated android had these sorta problems. Good thing I read your post Brian. The wireless networks are a big must for me, cant really live without the internet. Wish it would have like a tracing system kinda like the one in the internet that allows you to trace a number.