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17 November 2011

Pros & Cons of the Droid X2

In the past I've used a Blackberry for work.  Some of the features I kind of liked.  For instance I could set up a schedule for the phone to turn itself off and on again.  I typically never got called in the middle of the night so it really didn't matter if the phone was off.  If someone really wanted me they had my home phone number.

The built-in speakerphone isn't all that loud in a noisy car when it cradle on the dash.  I was disappointed that the volume doesn't get all that loud.  Some of the Android apps don't appear to work with a Bluetooth speakerphone.  I don't have a Bluetooth earpiece but I doubt it would matter.

The stock battery while is ok if you the type that turns it off during working hrs like me.  It has a good standby time on it but if you start using apps that drain the battery you better carry another with you.  I bought the extended battery when I bought the phone.  This battery does ok but it too can drain if you're surfing the web quite a bit.  I naturally set the device to not download updates unless connected to WiFi.

I was kind of disappointed that it didn't come with a car charger.  This is a must have accessory especially if you're using Google Latitude and Navigation.  Both of which are great apps but can be an extreme drain on the battery.  Unfortunately if you're trying to use the car charger you can't use the type of cradle I have.  I had to turn it up side down because of where the USB port is located on the bottom left hand side.  Of set it in the cup holder.  Very disappointing.

Google Latitude is a very nice app..  It has some nice feature for locating resturants, coffee shops, etc....  It's been fairly accurate.  What's nice is when you find the place you want to go you can tap on the blue arrow and it will automatically launch Google Navigation.  Unfortunately, you can't hear the audio through the Bluetooth speakerphone.

That's it for now.

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